CadRender is a freelance solution for those seeking for an independent Product design engineer. Established in 2016, CadRender belongs to Denis Negreba - experienced Product design engineer with more than 5 years experience in mechanical design, fabrication and product development.

Denis Negreba 

Denis Negreba:

"I enjoy creating designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I specialize in Solidworks, KeyShot, 3DVIA and Delcam products.  By using the specified software I offer to my clients 3d design, drawings, fabrication packages, rendering and animation.  My knowledge of mechanical design based in areas of: mechanical parts (both milling and turning), fabrication of sheet metal,  plastic, wood, 3D rapid prototyping, injection moulding, metal extrusions, assemblies."

With five plus years of extensive experience in all aspects of mechanical design and engineering support, I have been utilizing my skills in a range of projects that lined up in the next fields of business:

- mechanical equipment and aggregates;
- plastic moulding;
- medical devices;
- vacuum equipment;
- metal constructions (bicycle shelters, canopies, bus stops);
- aluminium extrusions;
- automotive design;

I am pleased to cooperate with my clients and provide the best service and support. For more information or to discuss a potential project please visit contact page.