3D Animation / Video manuals

3d Animation is the greatest way to make your 3D documents come alive. It helps to facilitate the process of assembling / manufacturing as well as present your project to a range of clients. CadRender specialize in creating technical 3d animation and video manuals by utilizing tools such as 3D Via composer / Catia composer. Compared to traditional 2D animation, 3D has much more depth, and it looks much more realistic.

Hourly rates (£ per hour)

 Small assembly (up to 10 components)Assembly with more than 10 components
New Customers (Trial Project)£18£24
Regular Customers£20£25

Final animation can be saved in any format depending from client requirements, the most popular formats are : .mpeg, .avi, e.t.c. To familiarise yourself with quality / type of animation, please, watch my examples below.